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Building custom magnetic field coils, pulsed power systems, and scientific instrumentation since 2005


Image of Simon Woodruff

Dr. Simon Woodruff President

After a decade of research into innovative fusion concepts at the University of Manchester (PhD), Lawrence Livermore National Lab (Postdoc), UC Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering (Visiting Scholar), and the University of Washington (Research Scientist), Dr. Woodruff founded WSI to help accelerate the development of economic fusion energy. Woodruff has performed work under contract to DOE, universities, national labs and to the private sector, building research devices, performing modeling and simulations primarily directed at simply-connected (hence more compact and simpler-to-engineer) fusion systems. Dr. Woodruff hosts an annual Scientific Computing Bootcamp for undergrads, introducing many of the tools in common use for High Performance Computing. Dr. Woodruff has organized national workshops in fusion energy sciences, and is a current participant in two IAEA initiatives on compact fusion neutron sources and private fusion development. Dr. Woodruff is a member of the American Physical Society and the Institute of Physics.

For publications, please visit ResearchGate


Image of Darren Beckett

Darren Beckett VP Engineering

Engineer and Engineering Manager with 22 years’ experience in the Semiconductor Industry primarily focused on Ion Implant HV, HVAC, Accelerator VLSI technology at Intel Corporation in Ireland and the United States. Engineer, Executive and Visionary at Sigma Additive Solutions in the role of CTO over 5 years led a multidisciplinary team of engineers to develop and patent an AI Software and Sensor Hardware Solution for the Additive International Machine Industry.


Image of Paul Sieck

Dr. Paul Sieck Pulsed Power Lead and Physicist

Dr. Sieck has 16 years experience in laboratory plasma physics and nuclear fusion research. He has worked in a diverse range of experimental programs, from his doctoral work on the HIT-SI spheromak experiment at the University of Washington, to the DIII-D tokamak at General Atomics, and most recently the Polywell program at Energy Matter Conversion Corporation. He has broad experience in magnetic measurements, signal conditioning, data acquisition, laboratory automation, and feedback control of plasmas. His research interests include high-beta MHD, accelerated plasma flows, driven magnetic reconnection, and plasma dynamos.

For publications, please visit ResearchGate


Image of Bill Huang

Dr. Bill Huang Director of Sales

Dr. Bill Huang has 14 years experience working in fusion and industry, starting first with an internship on the ITER project, to a PhD degree from Durham University working at UKAEA / CCFE in Oxfordshire. He worked as an UKAEA employee, then as a consultant in industry and later as a Senior Engineer for Tokamak Energy Ltd, a private fusion company. At Tokamak Energy Ltd he provided significant contributions to multiple tokamak designs and builds (ST25, ST25 HTS, ST40) including power supplies, TF magnet, PF coils, Busbar and Earthing systems. Later in 2018 he moved to Hamburg, Germany and worked in the Automotive industry on Laser systems as an Architect and a team Product Owner, additionally gaining experience in mass production, optics and certification as an ISO certified safety engineer. He has experience in multiple areas from real-time controls, signal analysis, phased arrays, data acquisition, design and manufacturing, materials, busbar design, high voltage, solid state pulsed power, magnet design and build, cryogenics, UHV systems, lasers, optics and superconducting systems. He is supporting Woodruff Scientific Inc on Engineering and Sales.


Image of Hector Zambrano

Hector Zambrano Lab Manager

Hector Zambrano graduated with a (AAS) Associates in Applied Science degree in Engineering Technologies from Santa Fe Community College in May 2019. Started as an intern with Woodruff Scientific then hired as an employee by Woodruff Scientific. Assists engineers in developing and testing scientific projects, reviewing product design specifications, preparing engineering designs and troubleshooting mechanical systems.


Image of Mark Heinzer

Mark Heinzer Fabrication Expert

Mark Heinzer has a Certificate of Precision Machining from St. Louis CC - Florissant Valley in May of 2016. He began working for Woodruff Scientific in October of 2020, and responsible for fabrication of components and products through machining, welding and brazing.


Image of Cody Stelzer

Cody Stelzer Controls Tech / Fabricator

Cody Stelzer is a Controls Technicial and Fabricator, working on LabView controls systems, Pulsed Power controls, as well as assisting with Pulsed Power and Magnet fabrication. He has experience in PharmD, children's museum electronics educator, science kit development, interactive exhibit design and fabrication, steel erection and welding project manager, various metals fabricator, CAD design/ 3d printing, CNC plasma and laser.


Image of Mike Langone

Michael Langone Advisor

Mike Langone is a proven entrepreneurial leader and senior executive with a deep financial management background, who is passionate about business. He excels in advancing businesses forward, delivering profitability while capitalizing on opportunities in fast-paced, high growth business environments. Mike’s past success comes from building teams and developing processes across diverse industries, cultures and international geographies. Mike brings steady, mature, and confident executive and financial leadership to the team.


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