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At the forefront of innovation, we specialize in manufacturing an extensive selection of power technologies, including power supplies, including high voltage > 100kV, high current > 100kA.

Power Technology

Our company is an industry leader in selling advanced power supplies, offering a comprehensive range that includes Pulse Forming Networks, RLC circuits, and specialized Charging supplies. We excel in High Voltage applications, providing DC Filters, Inverters, and Snubbers tailored to rigorous standards. Our Marx Generators and Pulsed Power Supplies incorporate cutting-edge technology, setting us apart. We also specialize in Supercapacitors, Cabling design, and bespoke Power Supply upgrades. Our proficiency extends to Control System Design and a wide selection of Power Devices like IGBTs, Thyristors, SCRs, Ignitrons, and Thyratrons, ensuring optimal solutions for every power challenge.

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