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Microscope Coils

We can provide our existing off-the-shelf microscope magnets and coils, or we can custom design a magnet for your microscope. Our designs are particularly suited to inverted microscopes.

Unleash the power of your Microscope!

Our company supplies state-of-the-art microscope coils, including multi-axis options, specifically designed to complement inverted microscopes. These coils are carefully crafted to enhance imaging capabilities and experimental precision, making them indispensable in fields such as cell biology and materials science. Our multi-axis coils allow for extensive control over the magnetic environment, facilitating advanced research and discovery. Their compatibility with inverted microscopes indicates a particular focus on applications requiring precise manipulation and observation from below the sample stage. We ensure our coils meet the exacting standards necessary for the delicate and detailed work our clients engage in, thereby reinforcing our commitment to supporting scientific progress.

Applications for Microscope Coils

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