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Magnet and Power Technology in Industry

Igniting industrial innovation with our high-powered magnets and energy systems.

In the industrial arena, Woodruff Engineering is a beacon of innovation, supplying high power, high voltage, and high current solutions essential for a wide array of processes. Our DC and pulsed power systems are perfect for precision operations like induction heating, where controlled currents lead to efficient, non-contact heating, and electrochemical processes such as electrolysis, pivotal in water treatment and materials refining. In the realm of aluminum smelting, our robust, continuous power delivery systems maintain the substantial electrical flow necessary for the extraction of aluminum from its ore.

The magnets we provide are integral to numerous applications, from magnetic separation in waste management to the handling of ferrous materials in heavy industries. Transformers and inductors designed by Woodruff Engineering are key to converting and managing energy in environments such as electric furnaces, where durability and thermal efficiency are paramount. By servicing industries with these high-powered components, we enable our clients to achieve new levels of process efficiency, sustainability, and productivity.

Choosing Woodruff Engineering provides you with:

A bespoke service and custom solutions for your requirements.

A team who will work with you to develop comprehensive specifications before contracting, including a full testing-certification.

Dedicated service throughout the entire process from defining specifications to initial designs, complete engineering designs, purchasing,
fabrication and testing.

Stringent quality management and control; we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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