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Capacitor Banks

Ignite innovation with Woodruff’s capacitor banks: advanced, reliable high-voltage power for groundbreaking applications in energy and industry.

Capacitor banks for your pulsed power systems

Woodruff Engineering powers future-focused projects with our high quality, high-voltage capacitor banks. Ideal for fusion energy research and magnetic coil pulsing, our capacitor banks are engineered with cutting-edge spark gaps and solid-state switching.

We design and build our capacitor banks for high-energy, high power discharges. With unparalleled reliability and safety protection, our capacitor banks are trusted in high-power, high-stress environments.

Applications for High Voltage Capacitor banks

Woodruff Engineering is at the forefront of high-scale energy storage with our state-of-the-art supercapacitor banks. These powerhouses are tailored for operations that demand quick discharge and high capacity, such as fusion energy projects. Our supercapacitor banks are designed to provide the immense pulses of power needed for magnetic coil pulsing, utilizing solid-state switches for rapid, reliable energy release. Their unprecedented charging speed, coupled with a long service life, makes them indispensable in high-stakes applications.

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