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Our Story

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Simon Woodruff, a dedicated post-doc from LLNL, our company started in Seattle, Washington, before relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2017. Our focus on crafting advanced power supplies and magnets quickly earned us industry acclaim. Leveraging Santa Fe’s innovative business scene, Woodruff Engineering has flourished, reinforcing our stature in both industry and research education domains. Our continued success stems from pioneering technologies and strategic collaborations with local enterprises and educational bodies, propelled by a passionate and ever-growing team committed to excellence and manufacturing prowess.

We are driven by values

Embodying our values of quality, commitment, integrity, and communication, we are a growing company rooted in Santa Fe, NM, manufacturing premier USA-made products. Driven by these principles, we continuously elevate our work, ensuring each power supply and magnet meets exacting standards and customer expectations are surpassed.

Our manufacturing blends state-of-the-art electrical and electronic technology with advanced high-voltage engineering to meet our customers’ complex needs. We excel in delivering innovative solutions that push the limits of technology, ensuring each product is crafted with precision, performance, and reliability at the forefront.

We offer a vast selection of cutting-edge products, backed by a talented team dedicated to developing custom and new designs that achieve technological leaps in electrical, electronic, and high-voltage engineering. Our commitment to innovation ensures exceptional technology tailored to our customers’ needs.

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