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Fusion Energy Supply Chain

At the forefront of innovation, we specialize in manufacturing an extensive selection of electromagnets, catering to a spectrum of applications for the entire supply chain.

We have a unique understanding of the multiple challenges and requirements of our clients within the realm of fusion energy. The pursuit of fusion energy has given rise to a specialized and capital-intensive supply chain, dedicated to the procurement and assembly of sophisticated electromagnet technologies and the potent power systems they necessitate.

Here at Woodruff Engineering, we apply robust design principles and pioneering research into materials that can endure the intense neutron flux, high magnetic fields, and the EMI within fusion devices. Our commitment to innovation extends to our power supplies and transformers, reliably handling both the steady DC needed for superconducting magnets and the high-power pulses for inertial confinement. With mastery over these challenges, we contribute core components to facilitate the maturation of fusion energy technology, while navigating the demanding conditions it imposes.

Our services ensure:

A dedicated, bespoke service to your custom requirements

Commitment to efficiency and meeting deadlines – we keep our timelines on track

Our expertise means you get the best solutions at the right value

Sector leading and innovative technology to keep you at the forefront of development ISO 9001:2015 certification

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