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High Power Rectifiers

Powering progress with precision, Woodruff Engineering’s high-power rectifiers deliver unwavering performance from 1000 amps and beyond. They are efficient, versatile, and water-cooled for continuous industrial strength.

Rectifiers for your high power systems

At Woodruff Engineering, we specialize in robust high-power rectifiers, expertly designed to handle massive electrical loads, exceeding 1000 amps and beyond to cope with industrial demands. Our advanced rectifiers can effortlessly convert three-phase mains currents, optimizing energy efficiency for the most challenging applications. Our versatile technology also accommodates single or two-phase power supplies, ensuring a broad range of utility. With innovative water-cooling systems, our rectifiers maintain optimal performance at high power over extended periods, guaranteeing reliability and endurance when it matters most. Trust Woodruff for unparalleled power conversion solutions.

WE-PN-000396-01-00Water Cooled 3 Phase Rectifier Array With Mounts1200V1000A

Applications for High Power Rectifiers

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