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Magnet and power supply technology

Woodruff Engineering operates at the intersection of innovation and reliability across multiple sectors, from cutting-edge fusion energy research to academic institutions, industrial applications, and government entities, including national laboratories. Our expertise in crafting state-of-the-art magnets and power supplies addresses a myriad of needs. In fusion energy, we deliver finely-tuned superconducting magnets and high-voltage power systems integral for plasma containment and control. Academic researchers rely on us for precision apparatus that drive scientific discovery. Industrial clients benefit from our robust electromagnets and power solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety. For government and national labs, we design resilient, high-specification components that support complex, mission-critical projects. Across all these domains, Woodruff Engineering is synonymous with technical excellence and unwavering commitment to empowering progress.

Fusion Energy

Within the fusion energy sector, Woodruff Engineering is a key player, providing advanced superconducting magnets and tailored power supply systems essential for pioneering research and the development of sustainable, commercial fusion reactors, driving forward the quest for clean, limitless energy.


Woodruff Engineering supports academia with precision-engineered magnets and power supplies, facilitating groundbreaking research and education in physics, materials science, and engineering, fostering innovation and nurturing the next generation of scientific talent.


Woodruff Engineering elevates industrial capabilities with durable electromagnets and efficient power supplies, enhancing productivity and automation in sectors ranging from manufacturing to renewable energy, ensuring our clients stay at the industry’s cutting edge.


Woodruff Engineering collaborates with government and national labs, delivering high-performance magnets and power systems that underpin critical research and scientific endeavors focused on technological advancements and public sector innovation.