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Building custom magnetic field coils, pulsed power systems, and scientific instrumentation since 2005


We offer assistance with all stages of innovation: concept design, engineering design, procurement, fabrication, installation, testing, and operations. We can offer support packages to suit your application and budget.

Woodruff Engineering offers consulting in a range of scientific topics. First, we run large R&D codes on supercomputers, and can quickly find a solution to a tricky modeling or simulation problem. Code experience includes CFD, MHD, PIC and optical modeling (codes we use and maintain are described in our wiki). We have amassed experience in engineering design using FEM codes to model magnetics, structural mechanics, and ray-tracing. We are also very interested in cost optimization, having developed our own costing analysis, of use in fusion energy sciences. Lastly, we offer training in high performance computing, organized as bootcamps - if you’d like us to bring this to your institution, please let us know.

Call us at (505) 407-3259 or send an email to to discuss consulting needs.